Online solutions that pinpoint reading problems and build fluent reading skills.



A series of tasks that produce a report and recommendations.
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Measure and track progress on specific reading skills to determine fluency.
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Skill Builders

Help readers become fluent readers and spellers.
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Progress Monitoring

Track improvement in reading skills over time.
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Many Uses for our Products

How the Lab Works

1. Purchase Access to the Online Tools

  • Single or multiple usage available.
  • Schools can purchase usage for a classroom, school, or school system.



2. Use Tools

  • Create an account as a user, family, classroom, school, or a school system
  • Student can now use assessments or skill builders, and  develop custom materials

3. View Reports Generated by Software

  • Identify reading strengths and weaknesses
  • Make recommendations on reading interventions
  • Track reading and spelling skills over time.


From our Customers

“Reading Success Lab can be implemented easily in the classroom. The results can be measured accurately, so parents, teachers, and students can proceed according to the student’s pace and skill acquisition.”
Stephen Armstrong Ph.D.

Perfect for use at Home or School

Our tools identify the source of a reading problem, help overcome problems, and can tailor a program to the particular needs of the student.

  • Only a computer and internet connection is needed
  • Meet standards of IEP's
  • Build vocabulary in any subject area.
  • Usages can be divided between students.

Start improving Reading Skills

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