Frequently Asked Questions

What are Reading Skills evaluations?

To be a skilled reader one must master a hierarchy individual skills successfully and failure to master any single skill will cause the reading process to break down. For example if a student cannot recognize letters that student will not be able to recognize words and word combinations. All these skills need to be performed effortlessly and automatically so that the person can focus on the meaning of text. Lack of automaticity and skill will compromise comprehension

Reading Skill evaluations lead the student through testing of these skill that comprise the reading hierarchy, starting very simple and moving progressively more complex, and identify where in this hierarchy automaticity breaks down. Intervention activities should be directed at this identified weakness.

Typically there are 8 skills tested and the automaticity results for each are compared to typical results for a student of the same age. By looking at the pattern of results for all the skill tasks, doing well on some and poorly on others, there can be a strong suggestion of a variety of different reading problems. The student with a reading disability [dyslexia] will have a very different pattern of performance than the garden variety poor reader or attention deficit reader.

How do the Reading Success Lab Products Help students with reading skills?

Our Skill Builder products are designed to develop fluent (fast and accurate) reading skills.  Our skill builders focus on letter recognition, letter sounds, syllable sounds, word identification and spelling.
Most of our interventions are focused on word identification since this is the area that most often inhibits skilled reading. The word identification exercises produce fast and accurate  encourage the student to sight recognize words which is the goal of any reading program. The system has word materials ranging from rhyme sets through subject matter materials like physics, history, chemistry and even SAT prep.

With all exercises the student may get the definition of any word with a simple click. Any exercise can be turned into a spelling exercise where the software speaks words and the student inputs the spelling with the keyboard. The system allows users to define their own word sets to use with the intervention system.


System Requirements

Internet connection

A computer with a modern browser. Recent version of Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox etc